Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

Finally its over

Yesterday 10August 2012 my duty is over ! yeaaaay !

i got many experience and learning of life at Margodadi Village,thanks to all citizens at there.
i know how to be teacher for children ,how to be grateful ,how to be patient ,adapt to new environments.
all citizens at Margodadi Village is so kind, when i go out i just give them smile they will give smile back even we dont know each other.
i learn to accept their culture even is strange for me,but its fun :)
we as college student is always considered special by all citizens.

but for me the hardest thing is this duty is member of my group. its hard to combine 15 people .I must be patient to facing them,not many friend i like but even i hate someone i just keep it yes because we dont know each other before i think.But fortunately there are many friends matched with me.
after all this time 40days is over :)

Thanks God for this extraordinary experience :)

i love that kid who the most forward ,he is satrio, he is so fun im gonna miss him :)

Thank to my brother and his friend,who would come to be our photographer :)