Sabtu, 15 September 2012

my day

So i think this saturday is my day. I'm just feel happy and enjoying this day.
From the morning until this evening my mood is always up.Yeaah its not happen everyday because my mood can change very easy but I'm very good at keeping what i feel and keep feeling I guess is my specialty.
Today i go to beauty shop accompanied with my friend. I decide to cut my pony to change my hair style and i did nail care, really enjoy that :) and of course my stomach must be fill up so i ate shabu-shabu until i can eat anymore :)
and i really comfortable with my outfit today :)

Shoes : Retail Therapy
Bag : Ciciero

my face potrait,my new pony :)

Selasa, 11 September 2012

orange cake

its been a long time since my last post, yeaah because i'm a little busy lately.
Now I've become active in college activities, i think this period will be the hard time .
But i have more spare time ,because i just take six lesson in this period and I have not started course i must waiting my friend come back from her duty in village.
May i get a lot of luck and always healthy for to through all activities.

Some time ago, i try to make cake of course with the help of my mother :)
but because my mother afraid if i disrupt the cake,she decide to make the cake by herself and she told me to look her making cake :)
but for decoration she give to me :)

for decoration that cake i make cream by myself , i just mix flour sugar ,butter and grated orange peel for create fresh taste.And yes te cream not white like normally cake its little bit orange :)

besides cream i use canned orange
                              grated cheese
                              grated chocolate
and then i just greasing and sprinkling those for the topping so orange cake is finish :)

and its ready to eat :)