Jumat, 30 November 2012

Sweet Gradation

hay everyone , how's your day ? good ? must be ! 

my feeling is better than my last post :)
everything is going well , and i just try to calm to face off every problem seems like i more grown up , but i'm still imagine if i can be the another "PeterPan" who can lives forever young :)
But lately i feel sad, because my friend in my college , i just got approved my thesis but i dont know many of them looks like making fun of me. I try to calm and act "its okay" but if they do it excessively i feel very annoyed. Sorry guys but it just what i feel ,but actually i love all of you and I want us to succeed together.

Oh ,yesterday i just bought crown and headband from my firend in my college. Its cheap but surely its worth to you like it, let me know if you want this crown :)
and i just mix it with my dress,actually this dress has long made(design of my dress is originally by me,i really love that gradation colour) and just hanginng in my closet, so this is the first time i wear it , enjoy these picture guys !

Minggu, 18 November 2012

brave and face off

Lately i think i cant smile or laugh , i have so many problem . Sometimes i wanna cry but i always hold it .
I dont wanna people know and see my tears , but sometimes i'm too tired to be strong and always struggling to deal with all of problem alone . I really know the other people arround is busy and they have their own problem ,so beacuse of that i dont wanna share about my story and i dont wanna make them troubled by my  problem.
Life is hard .... but please dont push me too much dont force me too much .....
Well,whatever happens i must be brave and face off of all of the problem by myself i think coz when you still can breathe you always have problem . Just put your smile on your face dont let the other think your sloppy guys :)
Today i get chance to go abroad and do study exchange but I let that opportunity ,because i dont have enough money to go . Ah so sad guys i hope next time i will have another good chance and enough money of course :)

well , that's my short story and these are my another style guys . like my story i must brave , so i try to brave choose this style which is actually i think i look different .

brave and face off

Rabu, 07 November 2012

odd , old , omg :)

sometimes life is not like what your planning , but you must take another plan and dont be stress !
and when you have a problem not always you must tell that to everyone sometimes even you tell them they dont understand maybe they can judge you ,push you !
when nobody cant accept your problem and wont understand you it doesnt matter ! you dont have to cry , you just silent and keep it , give your smile to them and hidding your upset mood .
well , i dont know if that situation hapen to you guys, lately this is happen to me i cant get permission to speak what i feel and i'm just silent like a usually :(
i think its enough for my (sad ? ) story , i wanna share another style i created :)
These are the picture :

Senin, 05 November 2012

black and white

its been along time from my latest post (again)
but i'm back ,since i have a new tripod so i think i will make a posting more often :)
i take these picture last day

Outerwear retail therapy