Minggu, 18 November 2012

brave and face off

Lately i think i cant smile or laugh , i have so many problem . Sometimes i wanna cry but i always hold it .
I dont wanna people know and see my tears , but sometimes i'm too tired to be strong and always struggling to deal with all of problem alone . I really know the other people arround is busy and they have their own problem ,so beacuse of that i dont wanna share about my story and i dont wanna make them troubled by my  problem.
Life is hard .... but please dont push me too much dont force me too much .....
Well,whatever happens i must be brave and face off of all of the problem by myself i think coz when you still can breathe you always have problem . Just put your smile on your face dont let the other think your sloppy guys :)
Today i get chance to go abroad and do study exchange but I let that opportunity ,because i dont have enough money to go . Ah so sad guys i hope next time i will have another good chance and enough money of course :)

well , that's my short story and these are my another style guys . like my story i must brave , so i try to brave choose this style which is actually i think i look different .

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