Jumat, 30 November 2012

Sweet Gradation

hay everyone , how's your day ? good ? must be ! 

my feeling is better than my last post :)
everything is going well , and i just try to calm to face off every problem seems like i more grown up , but i'm still imagine if i can be the another "PeterPan" who can lives forever young :)
But lately i feel sad, because my friend in my college , i just got approved my thesis but i dont know many of them looks like making fun of me. I try to calm and act "its okay" but if they do it excessively i feel very annoyed. Sorry guys but it just what i feel ,but actually i love all of you and I want us to succeed together.

Oh ,yesterday i just bought crown and headband from my firend in my college. Its cheap but surely its worth to you like it, let me know if you want this crown :)
and i just mix it with my dress,actually this dress has long made(design of my dress is originally by me,i really love that gradation colour) and just hanginng in my closet, so this is the first time i wear it , enjoy these picture guys !

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