Senin, 25 Juni 2012

skater girl

actually i'm not interest with skateboarding , maybe because i cant play it and for me skateboard is extreme sport.I've heard many guys have injury because skateboarding and yes i'm afraid ,haha you know even ride bicyle i cant :p . So can u imagine whether can i play skateboard or no ?
skateboard in here is property my brother ,he can and he was addicted to play it but now he rarely skateboarding.
i just take pict with skateboard and maybe if someday i can play it this is an example my outfit when i play skateboard ,even you play extreme sports i think you must look stylish :)

p.s : i got accident whe i take these photo :(

Minggu, 24 Juni 2012


I'm really stress to think about KKN ..............................................
wanna cry ,all of my friend almos ready and already packing ,but me ???? i'm still lay in my bed watch tv, sit in front of computer .
i dont know what i must to do at there and sorry i think my team is make me oppressed ,wanna scream but i dont know with whom i must say about this :( coz i know everyone have their own 
problem and i think i'm too much grumble -_-

by the way 25 June is Rain Bi a.k.a Jung Ji- Hoon everyone must know him because his actor in popular drama korea
 "Full House" as Yong Jae ... hoho i love him so much :)

he is implementing army now ,i hope he always keep healthy comeback soon and please come to Indonesia :)


Vera Wang Spring 2012 Bridal Show

never regret Vera Wang :) !!!

Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

finished exams

Yipiiiiiiiiii !!!!! my final exam is already finish !!!
bu its not over :( i have another thing to do , and that is KKN . KKN is program from my college and we must do that . I will go to the village with the other friend from another faculty and major from my college . We never know each other and we must make team work from 2 July to 10 august ...
owww i cant breath to thini about it , i hope i can do the  program very well and get good score from the lecturer.

so ... yes this is my habbit after i feel frustation i always think a new syle . And these are my pict :)
* i deliberate make all of my photo blur *

hoho, this denim jacket actually is very old,because i have it since in junior high school and now my age is 19yo but still good ,right ?

Necklace from Antyk Butyk
Skirt from Fashionistas
Bag from Ciciero
Boots from Tyshopps

by the way i join Diana Caitilin giveaway , really nize prize . and i hope i get 
lets join together HERE !

Senin, 11 Juni 2012

go to course

before i go to my course this afternoon i took picture :)
i always feel happy when go to course i dont know why . i never feel bored or sleepy . That's really different from what i feel in campus,when i learn with my lecturer although just a while i'm directly feel sleepy .(hihi sorry my lecturer )
Maybe because i enjoy and i really love the lesson :)
So this my outfit,what i wear today to go to my course :)

i usually bring a bottle of water to go to course, i learn to have healthy life and i think i can start to drink water . No soda no ice just water :)

Rabu, 06 Juni 2012


its not easy to always keep my mood suddenly i can feel angry tired bored and then happy again . 
i think that's a human being ,right ? :)

Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012


its nice to be someone whom can reliable for the other person .Its nice to make everyone laugh , make everyone smile again when they feel sad .
For me there is a wonderful feeling when i can help my friend and make people smile .
You know happiness is not always comes from money :)