Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

finished exams

Yipiiiiiiiiii !!!!! my final exam is already finish !!!
bu its not over :( i have another thing to do , and that is KKN . KKN is program from my college and we must do that . I will go to the village with the other friend from another faculty and major from my college . We never know each other and we must make team work from 2 July to 10 august ...
owww i cant breath to thini about it , i hope i can do the  program very well and get good score from the lecturer.

so ... yes this is my habbit after i feel frustation i always think a new syle . And these are my pict :)
* i deliberate make all of my photo blur *

hoho, this denim jacket actually is very old,because i have it since in junior high school and now my age is 19yo but still good ,right ?

Necklace from Antyk Butyk
Skirt from Fashionistas
Bag from Ciciero
Boots from Tyshopps

by the way i join Diana Caitilin giveaway , really nize prize . and i hope i get 
lets join together HERE !

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