Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

congratulations friend

congratulation for my beloved , my close , my forever ,my beautiful , my kind friend ever " Ria Octavia " for your new
 title now. You are "Ria Octavia S.E " happy for you , 11 August  you will always remember for sure.
 Although you make me badmood because you didnt tell me your schedule is change ,eerrrhhh ( i already prepared 
a gift for you , also istafada and tika why all of you make me annoyed yesterday ) . wish me get that title soon too.
Once again , Congratulation Ria Octavia S.E

oh by the way these pictures not new , these are was taken few months ago but i forgot where i put these pictures . 

Finally i found it guys ! :)

Skirt : Fashionistas
Shoes : Decimal

Senin, 11 Februari 2013

grow up ? happy ?

have you ever think like this :" the more you grow the more you hurt someone's feelings "?

when you was child even you're act annoyed , people arround you can accept it and you just get chance to fix it . 
Now when we are grow up , just once you acting annoying , people immediately make a space with you :( .
that's why i hate being old :( , if there's really neverland i wanna live at there bring all of things who can make me happy.
when you grow up You will rarely smile , You always think to look nice (and this is makes us fake ) , You always think
to look mature .
For me become mature is not easy and  need a long long time for adaption it :(

Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

Fast & Furious 6

Guys , the trailer is finally go out !

Who doesnt curious with the last clue about Leti , right ? actually i like leti character so its so happy to see this movie . Gonna see Michelle Rodriguez  again with one of my favourite actor Vin Diesel !
Oh and the said one Indonesian actor will join to this movie to , Joe Taslim who we know from The Raid . So proud with you Joe ! 

and until the movie will be at cinema on may lets we wait , because its worth guys :) 
lets see this trailer :

Selasa, 05 Februari 2013

the fav stuff

Oh God thesis driving me crazy !
when I do anything I'm always reminded of that thesis ! God i hope you give me the strength to quickly finish this thesis i also feel bad because all my close friend already finish their thesis and graduate soon . Ah i feel stupid .
To wreak my stress , hoohoo like usually i always distract my atttention to this blog .Hoho thank you for this site and for all of you want to read and understand all of my complaints .

and just enjoy my picture guys ! 

Leging : unbranded
Boots : Tyshopps 

i love this shirt so much i often wear this shirt to college and, oh ! this boots  you can see it i often wear too on my post !

p.s : today i watched Chinese Zodiak , the last Jackie chan movie , i know its late but yeah much better than not . and i love it that movie so much , who doesnt love Jackie , right ? :)