Selasa, 05 Februari 2013

the fav stuff

Oh God thesis driving me crazy !
when I do anything I'm always reminded of that thesis ! God i hope you give me the strength to quickly finish this thesis i also feel bad because all my close friend already finish their thesis and graduate soon . Ah i feel stupid .
To wreak my stress , hoohoo like usually i always distract my atttention to this blog .Hoho thank you for this site and for all of you want to read and understand all of my complaints .

and just enjoy my picture guys ! 

Leging : unbranded
Boots : Tyshopps 

i love this shirt so much i often wear this shirt to college and, oh ! this boots  you can see it i often wear too on my post !

p.s : today i watched Chinese Zodiak , the last Jackie chan movie , i know its late but yeah much better than not . and i love it that movie so much , who doesnt love Jackie , right ? :)

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