Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

congratulations friend

congratulation for my beloved , my close , my forever ,my beautiful , my kind friend ever " Ria Octavia " for your new
 title now. You are "Ria Octavia S.E " happy for you , 11 August  you will always remember for sure.
 Although you make me badmood because you didnt tell me your schedule is change ,eerrrhhh ( i already prepared 
a gift for you , also istafada and tika why all of you make me annoyed yesterday ) . wish me get that title soon too.
Once again , Congratulation Ria Octavia S.E

oh by the way these pictures not new , these are was taken few months ago but i forgot where i put these pictures . 

Finally i found it guys ! :)

Skirt : Fashionistas
Shoes : Decimal

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