Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

thankful to a new beginning

its been a long time since my latest pots , i got good news !
yeeey i got my bachelor's degree but yes I have not been able to follow the graduation ceremony but his is something i must celebrate it right , not easy to get that title . yeaaay , so thanks everyone for all of your prayers and the help you guys ! 
its not the end this is a new beginning again :) 

but let take a rest for a while have some a little fun act and enjoy the time , rigt ??!! :)

Shirt : unbranded
Skirt : my own design
Bag : Ciciero
Shoes : Retail therapy

Selasa, 16 April 2013

green square

if everyday we are always pressed for the same thing,annoyed isnt it ?
but sometimes there was a time when you need pressure and encouragement to wake up and do something .
i mean c'mon life is not just about having fun and enjoying.
so lets fight for our live and do something although a lot of pressure that we receive.

and guys dont forget to have fun of course even you just have a little time , maybe like taking picture???
like this ...... :) !

Shirt : LittleTreasure
Shoes : PeterKeiza
Skirt : made by my own design

p.s : i watched "The Host " today .. i like this movie but i think its little mix result from resident evil mix with tiwlight ^_^

Minggu, 14 April 2013


sometimes i feel strange even with people who are close with me . sometimes i feel " i dont know who you are " . sometimes i feel alone in this world although there are a lot of people around me . sometimes i feel " for what purpose we live in this world " . sometimes i feel  to be the happiest person . sometimes i feel i can hold the world.  BUT yes that's all happens sometimes and i dont know when it will happen .

when she was just a girl She expected the world 
but it flew away from her reach so 
She ran away in her sleepand dreamed of
 Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise
Everytime she closed her eyes

Rabu, 10 April 2013

feeling down

gezzzz ! i really tired with all of this routines all of this pressure . i need take a rest and forget it just a while .
BUT I CANNNNNTTTTT . i always thought about it ( oh my thesis you really driving me crazy )

ahhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
geeerrrrrwwww i wanna free aaaaahhhh i hope this is to be complete soon

Senin, 08 April 2013

ma brunch

so when you have free day you will start yor day more early or not ??
for me free day means i can do anything with my own may. like today i clean my closet since i dont remember the last time i clean it and i did not realize it was already noon . Yes of course i realize when my stomach feel .... hungry (hihi)
i decide to made simple omelete, here are the  ingredients !

carrot , onions, garlic , green chili are already finely chopped

of course the main ingrdient is eggs 

p.s : I sauteing all the vegetables first before being mixed into the egg

ah, this ingredient ! just put a little grated cheese to make the taste perfect 

and tara.... omelet is finished !

Minggu, 07 April 2013

happy bornday friend

five days ago my friend, ' ISTAFADA' celebrate her birthday . At first me and my friend had palnned something but to trapped Istafada so hard so yes thats failed :(
she is unique person , she is not easily provoked emotions, she also people who always think positive so yes to give her trap is not easy . but i really love her , she is kind person religion and patience . i learn so many things from her, we love you ISTAFADA !!
finally we just gathered in one cafe the name is de'arte  to celebrate her birthday and just chit chat , eat and also take a picture .
here they are that picture ! :')

i really love my outfit that day ! 

Once again " HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISTAFADA " !!! :)

Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

congratulations friend

congratulation for my beloved , my close , my forever ,my beautiful , my kind friend ever " Ria Octavia " for your new
 title now. You are "Ria Octavia S.E " happy for you , 11 August  you will always remember for sure.
 Although you make me badmood because you didnt tell me your schedule is change ,eerrrhhh ( i already prepared 
a gift for you , also istafada and tika why all of you make me annoyed yesterday ) . wish me get that title soon too.
Once again , Congratulation Ria Octavia S.E

oh by the way these pictures not new , these are was taken few months ago but i forgot where i put these pictures . 

Finally i found it guys ! :)

Skirt : Fashionistas
Shoes : Decimal

Senin, 11 Februari 2013

grow up ? happy ?

have you ever think like this :" the more you grow the more you hurt someone's feelings "?

when you was child even you're act annoyed , people arround you can accept it and you just get chance to fix it . 
Now when we are grow up , just once you acting annoying , people immediately make a space with you :( .
that's why i hate being old :( , if there's really neverland i wanna live at there bring all of things who can make me happy.
when you grow up You will rarely smile , You always think to look nice (and this is makes us fake ) , You always think
to look mature .
For me become mature is not easy and  need a long long time for adaption it :(

Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

Fast & Furious 6

Guys , the trailer is finally go out !

Who doesnt curious with the last clue about Leti , right ? actually i like leti character so its so happy to see this movie . Gonna see Michelle Rodriguez  again with one of my favourite actor Vin Diesel !
Oh and the said one Indonesian actor will join to this movie to , Joe Taslim who we know from The Raid . So proud with you Joe ! 

and until the movie will be at cinema on may lets we wait , because its worth guys :) 
lets see this trailer :

Selasa, 05 Februari 2013

the fav stuff

Oh God thesis driving me crazy !
when I do anything I'm always reminded of that thesis ! God i hope you give me the strength to quickly finish this thesis i also feel bad because all my close friend already finish their thesis and graduate soon . Ah i feel stupid .
To wreak my stress , hoohoo like usually i always distract my atttention to this blog .Hoho thank you for this site and for all of you want to read and understand all of my complaints .

and just enjoy my picture guys ! 

Leging : unbranded
Boots : Tyshopps 

i love this shirt so much i often wear this shirt to college and, oh ! this boots  you can see it i often wear too on my post !

p.s : today i watched Chinese Zodiak , the last Jackie chan movie , i know its late but yeah much better than not . and i love it that movie so much , who doesnt love Jackie , right ? :)

Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

we lost

i think the situation lately gone mad , so much events that arise. Such as floods , everyone must be know what happen in Jakarta this week , so crazy !Jakarta, the capital was paralyzed by flooding .Luckily i live in Bandar Lampung even its not the capital city but yeaaah i'm happy live in here . Lets pray for the mother city of Indonesia . (i dont wanna talk about issue president nomination even that isue is very hot now , eerrrgh i think thats a joke ! )

Well with many unpleasant events what happened lately, fashion world in Indonesia also feel deep sorrow. We lost one famous designer Ramli, a famous designer, who throughout his life dedicated expertise Indonesia raised embroidery or patchwork to national and international levels.Ramli passed away on Wednesday ( 23/1/2013) at 07:00 pm .He died after a four year battle against bowel cancer.

I really adore him. Because even he in sickness, he still active in the fashion industry. He also briefly held a single show to his collection.For me and i think yes he deserves to be a role model .

To remember him I'll show a few of many  his collection guys :

Rabu, 16 Januari 2013


wow i think so much dust in my blog even a spider has made ​​a nest in here. again because my busy activity i cant make a new post . actually i'm not so busy . i still have time to rest watch movie or just sleep for a long hours . But i busy to think hoho :D
So many events that I've been through lately . My grandma has passed away just 4 months since my grandpa passed away, my uncle has passed away too just 2weeks ago . its so sad so many people gone :(
i also must take care about my college who i left maybe arround one month ,well guys things do not stop there BUT i must move and life must go on .people should continue to live life

i already finished time to learn the material on my college , now i start to preparing thesis as a requirement for graduation.i will hve many time in home now ((YAY or NAY ???? )) So wish me luck guys so I can complete quickly and the results are satisfactory :)

even so much to do and si much to think but i dont wanna cease to be creative and try new things like these are picture guys :)

Top : Fashionistas
Shoes : Lolita Butik
Necklace : Kimilatta
Pants : NezWardrobe