Rabu, 16 Januari 2013


wow i think so much dust in my blog even a spider has made ​​a nest in here. again because my busy activity i cant make a new post . actually i'm not so busy . i still have time to rest watch movie or just sleep for a long hours . But i busy to think hoho :D
So many events that I've been through lately . My grandma has passed away just 4 months since my grandpa passed away, my uncle has passed away too just 2weeks ago . its so sad so many people gone :(
i also must take care about my college who i left maybe arround one month ,well guys things do not stop there BUT i must move and life must go on .people should continue to live life

i already finished time to learn the material on my college , now i start to preparing thesis as a requirement for graduation.i will hve many time in home now ((YAY or NAY ???? )) So wish me luck guys so I can complete quickly and the results are satisfactory :)

even so much to do and si much to think but i dont wanna cease to be creative and try new things like these are picture guys :)

Top : Fashionistas
Shoes : Lolita Butik
Necklace : Kimilatta
Pants : NezWardrobe

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