Selasa, 11 September 2012

orange cake

its been a long time since my last post, yeaah because i'm a little busy lately.
Now I've become active in college activities, i think this period will be the hard time .
But i have more spare time ,because i just take six lesson in this period and I have not started course i must waiting my friend come back from her duty in village.
May i get a lot of luck and always healthy for to through all activities.

Some time ago, i try to make cake of course with the help of my mother :)
but because my mother afraid if i disrupt the cake,she decide to make the cake by herself and she told me to look her making cake :)
but for decoration she give to me :)

for decoration that cake i make cream by myself , i just mix flour sugar ,butter and grated orange peel for create fresh taste.And yes te cream not white like normally cake its little bit orange :)

besides cream i use canned orange
                              grated cheese
                              grated chocolate
and then i just greasing and sprinkling those for the topping so orange cake is finish :)

and its ready to eat :)

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