Senin, 02 April 2012

Happy Birthday Weasley Twin

Guys , i think all of you would know about Harry Potter series . Yes ! i'm one of million people in the world fall in love with that story .
just you know i really addicted with Harry Potter :)

and yesterday at 1 April one of Harry Potter characters celebrate their born day .
Yes they are is Weasley Twin ... Fred and George Weasley !!!!!!!
i love them so much , they are funny always make the other happy even in the dark situation !

maybe in film they not often not often appear , but in the novel ahh they always make me laugh , 
in my dream i hope Fred and George Weasley will have television serial , it mus be great !! 

but i'm so sad when read Fred die in the battle when they help Harry fight with voldermort !
(actually i'm cry when i read that moment ) 
and i found this letter from George to Fred 

it's really touching my heart :( 

But yeah its just in story they are die , in real life they still smile :)

 Oliver Phelps and James Phelps 


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  1. what a great twin! hello! Thanks for your message on my FB,,as I promise, I visit your blog and I find it amazing! :) I am now following,,hope u don't mind to follow back :)

  2. yes , i do and love your new background pattern :)