Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

keep smile (:

heyyy , why people always talkin about BBM ? i am bored to hear that !
sorry :(
and i'm so sad every watch television always see many student from their college doing demonstration and their fight with police . i cant believe that happen cos it's really horrible to me .
i just hope the goverment will give the best solution for this problem very soon :( .

oke ! now forget that horrible situation, i'm force my mom to take me a picture (sorry mom ) . But beacause this she learn to use camera and... she did it and i think she good in the first time :)

Big Pocket Shirt from VRY Store
Pants unbranded
Shoe from Peter Keiza
Bag from Ciciero

 oh guys , i found new blogger today , she is very nice ! she will give us many prizes in her giveaway
i join too ,and its simple thing to join that , so c'mon lets join too :)
just see THIS !! 

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  1. Thank you for joining my giveaway, hope you can win :) Follow you back already! ^^

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  2. I love your shoes! so pretty and cool! :)