Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

occupatus die

Fiuh , i'm really busy right now , i must study hard in my college . Coz you know i'm must fix my score , i didnt get good score last semester. And i follow english courses again now . That's a nice place ! all the staff and all the teacher at there is verry kind . I'm tired but i'm happy .....
Many homework be given to me from my lecturer , yeaahh that's life ! sometimes you feel happy and who know's then you feel sad , right ?? :)

some people say i look more thin, hoho i really glad to hear that but i didnt diet :)
but i really hate whe people say i'm look fat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my outfit :)

Dress by p.a.n.g
Necklace by antykbutyk
Shoes by Kickkers


Thank you so much to p.a.n.g and antykbutyk for the gifts you given to me (:

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