Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Fresh Jelly Pudding

i am free i am free , i am free like a bird , because i have no class in my college today .
I'm free for doing anything i want this day :) .
in hot weather like this i made a fresh jelly ,yeaaayyy !!!

This is what i need to make it :

apple ,longan , sugar , jelly powder 
that's why i call this is fresh jelly because make with fresh fruit :)

and i will make fla for sauce pudding jelly , so i need yellow egg and milk

this the fla :)

 see ? this jelly is really fresh with orchid flower huhu :) 

C'mon guys , we eat this yummy jelly pudding together :) yeyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!

2 komentar:

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    1. done ! i already follow you and join your giveaway too
      i wish i'm lucky thank you :)