Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

Truly Fans

Everybody know about HARRY POTTER ??? yes i think everyone in this world know it
and i'm the one loves it very much , and you know i think i'm addicted with everything about HARRY POTTER :)
Novels and Movie about HARRY POTTER is over and i'm already watch and read all of that series but i'm never forgetting HARY POTTER , and always hunting everything about HARRY POTTER .
My last name account twitter is taken from on of HARRY POTTER character Ronald Weasley :)
because HARRY POTTER i have new friend , so if you ask me : am i HARRY POTTER fans ??
I will say in very loud sound : YESS I LOVE HARRY POTTER :)

Thanks to :

and of course we say Thanks to.................

Never forgetting about HARRY POTTER always :)

p.s : count how many HARRY POTTER words i said in this post :)

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