Senin, 28 Mei 2012

watch out your act

dont trust someone too much . Tomorow my close friend tell a story to me so sad to hear that story from her . She gets maligned from her friend even they are close too. Poor her i dont know what i must to do so i just can hear her story provide my shoulder to her and give her support :)
Yes, i think in campus there are many competition and lie so we must really carefully to do and say something :)

and by the way my cuztomized shoes already arrive in my house so i wanna post many pict with my new shoes.Its sp comfy :)

unbranded Grey Tank (but i really love that Grey Tank,so unique)
Gold Jacket & Printed Leging : unbranded
Braid Necklace : VRY store
Boots : Tyshopps

look what i did with my nails,that's messy but i like it :)

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  1. nice blog, i like your style

    followed you, follow me back

  2. I think from all your style in this blog. This one of your style clothes and your style in photo that i loved. u know what? maybe b`coz u tell about me in the first. Thank u, u are my best friend i ever had :D

    1. finally you found me ...
      awww thank you that's so sweet :p

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